Tyler and I are always talking about when we will be ready for our next child and I swear it changes every time lol! When the times does come, I want to make sure any supplements that I’m taking are of high quality and not harmful to a fetus. I am so excited that I won’t have to switch energy supplements when we do decide to get pregnant. My last pregnancy I had to change SO many things when it came to my dietary intake! Not this time thanks to Premama!


I always drink my Premama Energy Drink Mix when Jack and I have our morning park dates! I’m usually still a little groggy in the mornings when Jackson is ready to head to the park, so I pack my water bottle and energy drink mix in the diaper bag and mix it there! He lovessss to watch me pour it in haha! I love how alert and awake I feel after drinking it and the watermelon flavor is so tasty. The energy sticks around all day and I don’t have bad come downs or anything like that. I love it!


If you are expecting or even thinking of expecting, I highly recommend using Premama products! I really love how their soft chew sleep aid are chocolate flavored. I have been eating these as dessert before bed and notice a difference in how fast I fall asleep! If you use a Premama product, drop the name of your favorite product in the comments! 🙂


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Y’all!! I am dying over the amazingness of this dress from THEEGIRL!  I wore it to the SoCal Blogger Babes Valentine’s Day party and it was perfect for the occasion. The print is absolutely stunning and the backless feature is sure to make any women feel like a goddess. My favorite part of this dress is the way it flows and the sexy slip! You can ask anyone that saw me at the party. I was having WAY to much fun dancing in this dress. I kinda felt like this 💃🏼 emoji hahah. Hands down, the most fun dress I have ever worn to a party!

Shop it now so you can receive it just in time for Valentine’s Day!







TEE: Shop at Bash

Skirt: Goodnight Macaroon

Shoes: Aldo

I don’t know why getting engaged makes you want to buy everything and anything bridal, but it does, and I must have it ALL lol!!! This top from Shop at Bash makes me so happy while wearing it and I’ve had so many people stop and congratulate me, which is always nice. I’m obsessed with both the color and the fabric that this tee is made out of. It is super soft and sure to make any bride-to-be feel special.

It is truly amazing how many different bridal options are available from Shop at Bash!! I literally want every single one lol. All of her tees and tanks come in several different color options. They also have options for all kinds of specials events, like this super cute tee for St. Patricks day. Make sure you check them out!

I can’t wait to share more bridal things with y’all! I have been pretty focused on building my LLC (SoCal Blogger Babes) so I haven’t gotten too many things done in regards to wedding planning. Stay tuned though!

Losing Weight with WM Nutrition

I have to admit that I ate a TON over the holidays! I definitely gained a few pounds, but I’m ready to burn off every single one before swimsuit season starts. I have been using a few products from WM Nutrition for the past couple of weeks and I’m in love with their all-natural, lactose-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO protein cookies and cream protein! I love that these come in individual packets instead of a huge container with a scooper.


When losing weight while exercising, it is important to fortify your muscles with clean all-natural protein. I believe it is also important to find a protein powder that makes your taste buds do a happy dance! If you don’t like the taste, you’re not going to drink it. I usually add the packet to my water bottle when I know that I’m working out in the next hour or so! This time it was when we were at the Santa Ana Zoo and Jack lovesssss to watch haha.


I also use their Appetite Control and PreWorkout! WM Nutrition offers a variety of different flavors for each. Again, I love that they come in individual packets that I can bring on the go! They make it so convenient for a busy mom like myself!


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SugarBearHair Vitamins


New Year, new me and I’m determined to stay consistent in taking my daily vitamins! Especially when it comes to my new SugarBearHair Vitamins! These hair vitamins taste exactly like a sweet delicious candy and are made with the juice of real berries. They are are the world’s first chewable vegetarian hair multivitamin and contain biotin and vitamin B12 which are both clinically proven to support hair growth. These delicious gummies are also gelatin-free and are made with pectin, which comes from fruit to create the soft chew consistency.


SugarBearHair has as much vitamin A as 4 cups of broccoli, as much vitamin C as 1 cup of cranberries and as much vitamin B12 as 4 organic eggs. They are also wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, beef, pork, egg, fish, and peanut FREE! They are also made in the USA in FDA inspected and approved facilities. I have seen changes in my nail and hair growth since week one of taking SugarBearHair Vitamins. I never miss a day because I actually look forward to taking these. I call them my mid-day treat because they really do taste like candy! If you have any questions, email me at!

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3 Ways To Dress Up Your Neck








TOP: Shein

SKIRT: Shein

I’m heading into the weekend in this super classy top from Shein. I’m not sure I will ever get sick of this mustard color! The bow detail is SO fun and is extremely comfortable to wear around your neck. Of course, I picked a top that also has fun sleeves, a trend I will never let die. Sleeves were so boring before! Adding something fun around your neck is such an easy way to take your outfit to the next level. My top 3 neck accessories are:

Tie-neck tops

1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Scarves / Bandanas

1 , 2 , 3 , 4


   1 , 2 , 3 , 4

This weekend we have some major organizing to do around the house. I can never keep my two closets organized. It’s bad y’all! I’m determined to get organized and STAY organized for the rest of the year! I got a super cute new clothing rack and a few other things from IKEA to help me get organized. I will post some pictures on Instagram when it’s done, so stay tuned and make sure you’re following me!


Beauty Starts From Within


I have been consistently taking my HUM the past couple of  months! My skin and body always get funky around this time of year due to all the stress and crazy food/eating habits. When I found out that HUM creates your own personal vitamin supplements based on a three minute online quiz, I couldn’t wait to take it so I could see which beauty vitamins would be best for ME around this time of the year!

After you take the quiz, your personal registered dietitian will review your data and send you a personal profile and nutrient recommendation. My recommendations were the Daily Cleanse, Red Carpet, and OMG! Omega the Great. The Daily Cleanse helps clear your skin, liver, bowel, kidneys, and lungs from toxins. It has 15 detox herbs!! The Red Carpet is the number one seller at Sephora and is rich in plant-based omegas that leave your skin glowing and hair shiny. The OMG! Omega the Great supports even skin tone and a healthy heart and body by using ultra pure fish oil. These vitamins also use an ideal rain of the actives EPA and DHA and leave no fishy aftertaste! I got them all because you save 25% when you order three or more!

HUM beauty vitamins are clinically proven, GMO free, gluten free, and 100% natural. These vitamins are made to the highest quality standards, surpassing the strictest regulations. I love companies like this that go above and beyond to deliver their customers the best quality product. I have been using my vitamins as instructed (make sure you read the fine print; some say to take with food and some without) and I can already tell a different in my skin tone for sure!! Feel free to email or comment if you have any questions.

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